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High calorie content for your closet and your mind

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A community for fat fashion and intersectional politics.

To ornament or dress in a showy or gaudy manner.


A fat fashion community where social justice and style collude to create conscious dressing, inclusive adornment and critical construction.

This is a community for people who are active in the Fat Acceptance movement who are also interested in advancing the dialogue around fat politics and how it relates to identity, gender, race, cultural heritage, class, sexuality and dis/ability. It is most definitely a political community hell bent on furthering The Fat in mainstream culture and in our various undergrounds. We strive for cultural diversity and diversity in thought. We flash our fatshion and share our style secrets while conspiring to kick the legs out from under the systems that would keep us on a regime of calorie restriction and self-hatred. We are style-savvy, self-accepting fatshion fans, demanding the best fit for the best price.

Membership to besizened is moderated. At present, we are accepting members based on their involvement in other fat communities and their association with current members. If you are a member of a snark community whose purpose is to criticize other fatties without their consent, your membership cannot be approved at this time.
It's not that we mean to be entirely elitist, but for now, that's how we roll.