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and_old_lace in besizened

Worst winter ever...

Oh dear god it's cold. It's been fairly consistently cold since late December which is just plain odd for me since I live in a sub-tropical climate. There was even a whole week of below freezing temperatures! I have no idea how to handle it; I've never experienced anything like this in my life. Most winters I never even have to bust out a jacket or a scarf much less a coat but even my (admittedly cheap and unlined) wool coat isn't cutting it this year. My gf bought me this wacky 80's looking down filled jacket from the hunting/fishing mega mart. I love it! It's fuschia! And, I suppose, most importantly, it's been keeping me warm and dry but beyond that I'm lost. How do y'all handle cold weather fashion wise?


What a great link. thanks! I have to admit that wearing more than one pair of tights or two scarves is the sort of downright insanity that I would never have dreamed of. What great ideas!