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and_old_lace in besizened

Worst winter ever...

Oh dear god it's cold. It's been fairly consistently cold since late December which is just plain odd for me since I live in a sub-tropical climate. There was even a whole week of below freezing temperatures! I have no idea how to handle it; I've never experienced anything like this in my life. Most winters I never even have to bust out a jacket or a scarf much less a coat but even my (admittedly cheap and unlined) wool coat isn't cutting it this year. My gf bought me this wacky 80's looking down filled jacket from the hunting/fishing mega mart. I love it! It's fuschia! And, I suppose, most importantly, it's been keeping me warm and dry but beyond that I'm lost. How do y'all handle cold weather fashion wise?


Here is a great illustration of one way to stay warm!

I am a big fan of extra tights and scarves. Double up on tights, then layer kneesocks over them. Wear one scarf inside your coat and one outside. The down jacket, though, is the key component, so you're off to a good start. :-)
What a great link. thanks! I have to admit that wearing more than one pair of tights or two scarves is the sort of downright insanity that I would never have dreamed of. What great ideas!
I love this. Doubling or tripling up on the pashminas and twisting them around each other is also very warm and glamorous. I just layer layer layer and carry a bigger bag to keep all my layers in.