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Fattyvore Friday/OOTDish

Hey all!
So I also decided to make a tiny little Fattyvore Friday post. I just tried to find the closest matches I could to what I am actually wearing today, as opposed to things I long for. Trying to recognize the love for what I already have.

I worked so was in all black with a homemade necklace my friend let me borrow that has a big gold chain with house numbers attached to it (666). Since I couldn't find a necklace match I've had to improvise my own black metal accessories by turning my cross studs upside down.

It was all about the lip today so just wanted to show minimal drapey clothes with solid comfy shoes and a bold lip. I am losing my mind over the makeup in Vivienne Westwood's Fall 2010 RTW show so got my coworker to give me the same lips today. The black liner is for the lip, not the eye! It's only on 3 quarters of the lip and then trailed down the chin, like the makeup artist got bored or busy in the midst of it. I'm in love.

This is me, at the end of my long day. :)

What'd you wear today? (Descriptions are okay too!)
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Don't talk to me like you know me!

I'm feeling a bit of a trend lately with certain skinny friends as I start to talk about fat positivity more and more. They are trying to relate to me, to let me know they get it...but they are falling a little flat.

Firstly, one of my closest friends does this thing where she uses fat and lazy interchangeably when quoting someone else. Usually this happens when she is talking to me about someone being a shitter. ie., someone has said something fatphobic and in the retelling she quotes them as saying lazy where they have actually said fat/other more physical feature-related words. Weird, right? It's happened a few times and I just let it slide the first couple but I think I gotta talk to her about it and not sure how to approach the subject.

The other night I was at the same friends house with a certain lovely and fatshionable friend of mine that you all know and love *hinthint*. We were going through our most recent Torrid finds. I was talking about how great it is to be able to say to people at work "sorry, it doesn't come in your size" when I find amazing things at Torrid. I'm not all "die skinny people!", I think everyone's body is their body and should be celebrated but sometimes it is just nice to have the tables turned. At this point roomie friend tells us about a fatpoz zine she's been reading and how the other day it was so funny that she noticed she was eating a donut whilst reading it. Huh?I made some joke under my breath about her having her work cut out for her/doing her part to keep up with us, etc and left it at that so's not to ruin our fatshion excitements!

My point with both of these things being that it sucks when people act like they get it and say random shit without thinking it through. It's okay to ask questions and there is a way to do it without putting me in a teacher position. So do it, skinny friends! Thinking I need to re-distribute that thin privilege article Linda Bacon wrote, again.

I find that when I get uncomfortable my automatic response is to assume that other people are uncomfortable and do all I can to deflect from that. I'm trying to unlearn this. What do you do when this kind of stuff comes up in group situations?
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Fattyvore Friday

Technically I finished these before midnight. I hope you can let it slide fellow fatties. I gave you an extra one for the wait. ;)

The first is based partly on the shirt which is really a Joan of Arc costume. Coco showed me the genius that is www.garbagedress.com and this outfit is based on her wearing of thigh high/lace front black boots over black jeans which is possibly my new favourite fashion thing of this Millennium. I generally always have a costume or theme to my favourite outfits and "tough yet devil-may-care andro-broad" is my fave of late, as you can probably tell from the stuff I've been posting here. I'm also very much loving the idea of tight ponytails or barely done hair with no makeup save for gigantically long, plump lines of black eyeliner.

The second is what I would look like if I were a rich business lady. Always in need of a giant bag so I can fit flats to change into and still have room to put my heels in. These ballet flats go up to size 12. The blazer unfortunately only goes up to an XL/40" bust though the shoulders get extra pointy (read:Balmain-y) if its worn open so I included it.

Tell me whatcha all think?
Next self-challenge: affordable fatshions.
fat girls!
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Lace tights/leggings?

What's everyone make of the lace leggings we're seeing around so much? This year's coloured tights? I've never worn lace tights or leggings before, and frankly I find them a little intimidating. I'm not sure why yet, as I'm not exactly shy about drawing attention to my legs. I am really attracted to them though, and I think I'm going to try some out. Being that it's Polyvore Friday, I thought I'd throw them into a set.

Here's some more out there on the web:

Spanx at Lane Bryant - I am loving the chain effect.

Belva at B and Lu - I am in love with these!

classic lace at Lucie Lu

more classics at eshakti

So what do you all make of them?

Worst winter ever...

Oh dear god it's cold. It's been fairly consistently cold since late December which is just plain odd for me since I live in a sub-tropical climate. There was even a whole week of below freezing temperatures! I have no idea how to handle it; I've never experienced anything like this in my life. Most winters I never even have to bust out a jacket or a scarf much less a coat but even my (admittedly cheap and unlined) wool coat isn't cutting it this year. My gf bought me this wacky 80's looking down filled jacket from the hunting/fishing mega mart. I love it! It's fuschia! And, I suppose, most importantly, it's been keeping me warm and dry but beyond that I'm lost. How do y'all handle cold weather fashion wise?
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Fattyvore Friday: Casual-ish Purples

Hi all,

I just figured out how to put this up on here so missed Friday by a bit but am cheating. All I wanna wear lately is big floppy monotone things. This blush is coming out at MAC soon and makes the most fantastic cheek contour so based the colors around it. Also, it's almost spring here so opted for shorts instead of jeans.

Lemme know what you think!

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Fattyvore Fridays?

Hi lovelies,

So I have recently (and new-to-me) become obsessed with Polyvore. I was on Fattyvore LJ community for a while when it was around but didn't contribute because I didn't really understand how it worked/or how to search/import your own items. I'm still a little wobbly but am learning the ropes and wanted to suggest doing Fattyvore Fridays over here.

I'd love to see more action in this community and I think this would be a fun way to get reacquainted/enjoy some visual and creative stimulation without necessarily having to post pics of ourselves, etc. What do you think?

Since Fattyvore closed we can't go view all the pretties that were in there so you could of course post some of your old faves. Maybe individual posts (like sales posts, etc) for each contribution but we could use this comments section for questions and answers about how it works?

I will definitely put up a post upon my return from work tonight. For now just throwin' the idea out there!

If you don't know how it works basically www.polyvore.com is a site where you can make visual sets. It's generally skinny and fashiony but can be used for interior design, garden plotting, collage making, etc. including fat purposes (bwah hah hah!) with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness.

More info on how to use polyvore in general here: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/help
Drag the clipper into your bookmarks menu so you can crop images from your favourite online plus size stores: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/clipper

Happy arranging!
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"Surprising" reason why fat is unhealthy

Surprise! The medical establishment is fatphobic and don't give fatties the same care they give "normal" folks.

Obviously this isn't exactly news to those of us who have een dismissed, belittled and misdiagnosed (LOL, diagnosis: FAT!) when we go to our doctors for medical attention.

Now for the antidote to this downer: 10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Ease Concerns Aout Your Weight and Improve Your Health
It's such a relief to know that there are some doctors who see thisand are willing to call BS.

Thanks for the second link, withoutscene!