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Jan. 13th, 2010



Spring Longings

I have just discovered Anna Scholz. Proving once again that if my budget were higher then clothing my fat bod in the way it deserves would be still an issue, but an exponentially smaller one. Especially since I would just wear this first dress every single day of my life.

Well....maybe not every day of my life though lately I've been really liking the idea of uniforms. Of having 20 of the same dress/shirt/suit in my closet perfectly displayed, like in the movies. Not unlike the uniform project, but without the accessory options. I like the idea of the stability of it and of putting zero thought into it but looking great and feeling comfortable, reliably. Working through it when it feels uncomfortable.

For me fashion feels less static and more of an expression of what I feel like on that particular day, as does gender. In the back of my mind my general daily goal remains "Comic Book Drag Queen" though for the past year or so I have desperately been yearning for more items that portray the dandier side of that. Dandy, yet exceptionally sleazy, much like Willem Dafoe in Wild At Heart. Moving away from dresses and color and towards more structured, neutral pieces.

Unfortunately my job includes a very strict dress code or I may consider doing this as a project this year. I need to wear black for work and I'm considering keeping my hair my natural color/not cutting it for a year. If you've seen me before you will understand why I think the lack of color would be too all-encompassing for me to bare. However, had I perfect black cowboy boots, black jeans, a black cowboy shirt with pearl buttons, a black (and silver or gold) bolo tie, a slick black blazer with the option of black leggings and a black leather fringe jacket I think I could do it. I'd need black scarves and different black shoe/boot options as well depending on my back health and weather.

I'm wondering:
What are you your fashion yearnings for Spring?
Is there one outfit you own that you could stand to wear every day of your life, that has all your fashion requirements wrapped up in a perfect package? Would it lose it's specialness if you wore it every day?

Jan. 8th, 2010

yearbook fattie


V Magazine's size issue

Hello Besizened! I hope everyone had a fine Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Shall we talk about V Magazine's upcoming "Size Issue"? The magazine hits the stands on January 14th, and I for one will certainly be getting a copy....or two.

You can take a sneak peek here and click on the sidebar links for all of the fattie shoots, but here are some of the highlights according to Coco:

more under the cutCollapse )

I am simultaneously impressed and disappointed with what I've seen so far. I love that the models - while definitely on low end of fat - are actually fat and not just model-fat. Seeing rolls and back fat in a mainstream magazine, photographed by world famous photographers and styled by designers like Karl Lagerfeld is nothing short of remarkable. But there's a lot here that we've seen before and a helluva that's missing.
For starters, I have grown extremely weary of the "zany" fat woman, as is presented in Lagerfeld's "Coco a Go Go" shoot. And V could have done a much better job of being inclusive and selected more models of colour.

What's your impression here? Are you buying the issue, avoiding, buying it with some trepidation, or are you head over heels in love?

Nov. 11th, 2009



Trashy-classy-flashy is how I like my wardrobe these days

I know that several of y'all have left fatshionista, so I thought I'd cross-post some of my more recent outfit favorites here!

Sorry for the duplicates, folks who saw me on fats AND on my own journal! :)

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it means lots of layering, boots, tights, and cardigans, all of which are my favorite things!

I wore this to a Re/Dress event over the summer.
Dress: Re/Dress
Belt: Rainbow
Heels: Old Navy

Click below for bunches and bunches more outfitty goodness!Collapse )

Over the past couple of years, I've come to much better terms with the fact that I adore doing what I call "classy camp" (a.k.a. prep school chic). I love dressing in kinda-sorta-faux preppy wear, like the Blair Waldorf Halloween "costume," which is actually an outfit I wear all the time. The Mad Men/Joan Holloway fashion craze has also definitely helped me find more pieces that work with the more buttoned-up look that I kind of adore these days.

I wonder, though, if I'd enjoy wearing these kinds of clothes if I didn't have other camp indicators like tattoos, piercings, and non-"natural" makeup. Probably not as much, I'm guessing.

So what about y'all? What's your relationship to "classy" clothes? Do you like wearing them only with a sense of irony? Do you wear them at all?

Oct. 31st, 2009



Happy Halloween, Fatties

Oct. 28th, 2009



climate change is not for fat people

the link for those you who can't watch see the embedded video

Aside from the tired, old, sexist, PETA-esque, exploitative "point" of this ad, what else do you notice?

The gorgeous Crystal Renn is cut out of the video after 0:25, as the other models continue to disrobe. Apparently Crystal's grotesque body would be too distracting for people to hear a message on climate change....as though there is actually any message about climate change in this ad.

Sep. 19th, 2009



Long ass post about makeover shows

Cut for longness.

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Sep. 17th, 2009



(no subject)

i really enjoyed this Bitch post about the Jon Stewart thing and thought i'd share it with you folks:


Sep. 16th, 2009



Really, Jon Stewart? Fuck you. Words I never thought I'd say.

Coco asked me to post about something else...but this is on my mind right now.

Have you all seen this Jon Stewart fat hate bullshit? Daily Show clip

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Jul. 10th, 2009



rule breaking! haircut!

atwistedstring cut my hair.  It was so great to be in the hands of someone who gets it, and can make your favourite elements work for your face.  I love short fringe, etc. but no stylist will do it because they think it's wrong for my face-- whatever that means! 

So, I want to hear about what rules you've broken with the help or encouragement of a friend.  (Fashion really is teamwork.)

Jun. 26th, 2009



"Fatshionista" Blog Featuring (An Angry) Me!

About a week ago I got an urgent seeming message on flickr that someone wanted to use a picture of mine for a blog piece on fatshionistas. At first I was flattered and excited. My excitement was quelled by the large amount of questions I was to answer "before 4pmEST tomorrow?". Slightly annoying seeing as I hadn't checked until after 4pmEST. I agreed to let her use my photo tho not submit the Q&A. She sent the link yesterday and I just checked it out.

It seemed a bit "Beth Ditto Rich" but I read on, scrolling first, of course, to my own photo. I was surprised to find not one but two photos of me, neither of which were the photo I gave permission to use. Nevertheless they were favourites of mine so I shrugged it off. Rhiannon Gammill is featured heavily in the piece and at first seems sassy and like I am about to find a new Fatshion icon. Then she goes on to say that we should all just start buying more designer stuff because then that'll force the big designers to make more stuff for fat girls cuz they'll see us buying their things. Uhhhh....what??
She goes on to compare the incomparable saying "“I'll say there are more options now than there used to be, but that's sort of like saying ‘he doesn't hit me nearly as often as he used to.’” Uhh...if you mean "not at all" by "sort of".
I wasn't livid until I read her piece de resistance - “I'm fat, I have money. I'm more than willing to give it in quantity to the store who will supply me with beautifully made clothes that don't make me look like a hooker, a tranny, or someone's bingo-playing grandma from Duluth."

I sent an email and left a blog comment explaining that "I don't always have money and have to work that into my fashion sense and expressing myself and I think that's an interesting perspective. Aside from the weird classism I have done sex work in the past and identify as genderqueer/trans. I always look like a "hooker"* AND "a tranny"* and find it largely problematic that she so easily dismisses these large groups of people without a second thought and that you chose to include it. It takes away a lot from the piece IMO and it's really too bad.

Aside from using oppressive language to further oppress already oppressed peoples, it's also kind of giving into this fat fashion beauty ideal thing where if we have money and look "classy" than we can meet peoples expectations of us and "measure up" and THEN start to be validated for fitting in. Fuck that! I'd rather look like a slutty genderfucking weirdo with a lot of personal style and I'd rather do it for under 10 bucks."

I wanted to write about it here to get your perspectives on how fatshion relates to fashion and also to see if you agree if you will back up my comments on the blog section. I had to fill out a quick registration thing and it said that since it was my first post it would have to be reviewed first. We'll see if they end up posting it.

Thanks for being here besizened. I have been neglecting you and the internets a bit but it's nice to know you are here when it counts.

*2 words you really are not allowed to use unless you personally identify with them, and absolutely not for derogatory purposes.

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