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tengogozo in besizened

Outfits of the entire summer.

This is what I've been wearing all summer:

What I wore to swim in/ lounge by the side of the pool at the Madonna Inn. Do yourself a favor and experience the glory for yourself: www.madonnainn.com
Madonna Inn
Swimsuit: Old Navy
Skirt: thrifted

What I wore to attend the LPA convention with my aunt and uncle.

top: Rachel Pally sample
skirt: thrifted - same as above
peep wedges: Payless

What I wore to attend the Geffen Gala:
dress: ASOS
shoes: Guess via Broadway Shoe Warehouse
face eating flower: my own creation via the downtown flower mart.

What I wore to the outlet mall and to entrance small children.
Seriously, I have NEVER received so much attention from the Under-5 set. This outfit is the sartorial equivalent of driving a SmartCar.
dress: Torrid
shoes: Target
belt: thifted /extended by the shoe guy
scarf: thrifted

What I wore to model ridiculous souvenirs at the Madonna Inn Gift Shoppe
cat bag
dress: Forever21
shoes: Target
fake cat in fancy bag: Madonna Inn

and again later while admiring a bouquet of mine.

What I wore to the Ren Faire:
Ren Faire
Ren Faire
dress: Jen's Fashion Plus on ebay (gone! :( )
vest: thrifted
boots: Ariat
hat: Forever21
bag: Rosarito, Mexico

And what I wore for essentially the rest of the summer:
Fat Ranting at the V Room...
V Room
Taking a very important phone call in Solvang...
And seriously like 50 other places. I am so glad I bought 2 of these $13 dresses.
dress: Blue Plate via Ross
shoes: Target
5'8" 245ish, 49-42-51

I'm cleaning out my closet-- please partake in the spoils at fatshionxchange: