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Fattyvore Friday

Technically I finished these before midnight. I hope you can let it slide fellow fatties. I gave you an extra one for the wait. ;)

The first is based partly on the shirt which is really a Joan of Arc costume. Coco showed me the genius that is www.garbagedress.com and this outfit is based on her wearing of thigh high/lace front black boots over black jeans which is possibly my new favourite fashion thing of this Millennium. I generally always have a costume or theme to my favourite outfits and "tough yet devil-may-care andro-broad" is my fave of late, as you can probably tell from the stuff I've been posting here. I'm also very much loving the idea of tight ponytails or barely done hair with no makeup save for gigantically long, plump lines of black eyeliner.

The second is what I would look like if I were a rich business lady. Always in need of a giant bag so I can fit flats to change into and still have room to put my heels in. These ballet flats go up to size 12. The blazer unfortunately only goes up to an XL/40" bust though the shoulders get extra pointy (read:Balmain-y) if its worn open so I included it.

Tell me whatcha all think?
Next self-challenge: affordable fatshions.


I like the pink/turquoise combo in the second set quite a bit. It might be slightly too cheerful for me, but the colours look so candy-like and inviting together.
I also love the cross sweater and super skinny jeans with high boots. Reminds me of Pam Hogg from about 1988. I was completely in love with her and even had her iconic cross t-shirt.
Agreed that the colorful outfit needs some sort of sneer or snarl to balance it out. ;) I think that's why I like the no eyebrows of the face chart.
I didn't know about Pam Hogg!!! Where has she been all my life?