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coco73 in besizened

Lace tights/leggings?

What's everyone make of the lace leggings we're seeing around so much? This year's coloured tights? I've never worn lace tights or leggings before, and frankly I find them a little intimidating. I'm not sure why yet, as I'm not exactly shy about drawing attention to my legs. I am really attracted to them though, and I think I'm going to try some out. Being that it's Polyvore Friday, I thought I'd throw them into a set.

Here's some more out there on the web:

Spanx at Lane Bryant - I am loving the chain effect.

Belva at B and Lu - I am in love with these!

classic lace at Lucie Lu

more classics at eshakti

So what do you all make of them?


Lace leggings sound like a chub rub catastrophe to me! Reminds me of the time I wore glitter tights on a class trip to NYC and my thighs bled because I didn't know we'd have to walk so much!

I love me some colored tights, though! See the following:

(The first one involves another new favorite - knee highs over tights for extra warmth!)

Also, I love your Polyvore! I'm all about the black and indigo/electric blue these days.
Yes, I think you would have to wear them with bike shorts, which makes them a little fussier than I'd like, and also probably just for cooler weather. But they are very sexy and I can see them working dresses up or down. And thanks! I think blues and black are a really hot combo.
Ditto tara, ditto. If I ever find an appropriately sized, not crazy expensive pair of bike shorts, I'd be willing to give them a shot. But before then, just LOOKING at them makes my thighs sore.
A) agreed on the chub rub but mostly I am skeptical on account of actually being able to feeel them on my legs, thighs or no. If there were some soft ones floating around I could get behind that. I am liking how they look. I also really want to figure out how to make thigh inserts for things....like insoles but for chub rub. Silky like. Maybe spandex bike shorts with the sides cut off? Haha. I am still working on the prototype. ;)
B) You need these glasses, right now. I wanna look at them on you.
C) I want to watch these boots walk around on my feet.
Thigh insoles! Genius!

Also, I think some lace-look tights are soft. I have a few pairs from Target last summer that are crocheted lace, and they feel pretty nice. (Though I have a hard time finding occasions to wear them, especially the black patterns, because I just can't pull off edgy looks like that - though I would definitely do black and indigo, if I had the right pieces!)

I wonder what it would feel like to wear stretchy lace tights *over* very close-fitting shorts - so as to eliminate thigh contact altogether? Although that would render the tights more vulnerable to thigh-holes...
I think it would be amazing if someone came up with a lace print instead of using lace itself.