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teanut in besizened

Fattyvore Friday: Casual-ish Purples

Hi all,

I just figured out how to put this up on here so missed Friday by a bit but am cheating. All I wanna wear lately is big floppy monotone things. This blush is coming out at MAC soon and makes the most fantastic cheek contour so based the colors around it. Also, it's almost spring here so opted for shorts instead of jeans.

Lemme know what you think!


I am also into big floopy things at the moment. Comfort featuring interesting lines is all I want to wear. I'm still not sure how I feel about these angular cardigans but I like this colour a lot. And the gloves are amazing!
I also don't know how I feel about the cardigans but like the sequin bit on this one. I wish it were slightly longer though...if yer gonna make it weird, make it really weird, please!
I actually bought a weird longish angular cardigan and it looks AMAZING but it's like too nice to wear. I have it sitting in my sweater box waiting for just the right moment...
Great outfit! Love the sequins, and getting the palette from makeup. Also loving the shoes, earrings, and that HAT! The hat gives it a nice 60s biker look, to me. :)
This is what I was going for, with the exception of 80's for 60's. ;) Thanks! I'm also picturing a giant loose bun-like ponytail.
i wish i had a reason or place to wear those purple booties. they are calling to me. and yes i know, make a reason or a place! but mostly i'm just afraid of falling over. : )
I know it! They would be on my feet for approximately 20 minutes. Usually I include the pair of flats that I would have in my bag to change into but forgot this time.
I love planning an outfit around makeup, and I always love purple makeup. I'm not sure about the hat though. It feels too big/floppy to me, or maybe too 90s.

I'm really digging the cardigan more and more. At first I was feeling so so, but the interesting shape and contrast collar draws me in more and more.
I am unfortunately loving 90s stuff lately! All I want is giant overalls and floral blazers. Help!
I highly recommend this purple blush as a cheek contour. It's frickin amazing.
I feel the same about the collar too....I deleted it twice before falling in love.