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coco73 in besizened

"Surprising" reason why fat is unhealthy

Surprise! The medical establishment is fatphobic and don't give fatties the same care they give "normal" folks.

Obviously this isn't exactly news to those of us who have een dismissed, belittled and misdiagnosed (LOL, diagnosis: FAT!) when we go to our doctors for medical attention.

Now for the antidote to this downer: 10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Ease Concerns Aout Your Weight and Improve Your Health
It's such a relief to know that there are some doctors who see thisand are willing to call BS.

Thanks for the second link, withoutscene!


More on the wacky fat news front: I saw a news program the other night where they said that millions of people who thought they were healthy are actually OBESE. They did this weird experiment grabbing at thin women's (all women!) hips and then using the amount of fat they could grab to determine the women's "real BMI". They were telling really really thin women they were secretly obese and therefore about to drop dead of heart attacks at any second. So now apparently not only the fat are obsese, anyone with extra pullable hip skin is obese. I was mortified.
WTF, was this national news or local? That's horrifying.
local, thankfully.
That reminds me of an awful press ad for some crackpot weight-loss-hiding-to- nothing during my adolescence. There was an illustration of someone pinching a vestigial roll of alleged fat on their waist. The ad read, "Can you feel a fold of skin? Bad. Very bad!" My (fat) family and I turned it into a joke (in between dieting, of course). We abbreviated it to "Can you FFS?!" Occasionally my ma and I, (both of whom can definitely FFS, neither of whom have dietedt for years and never will again), still say it for a laugh.